About Us

About Us:Here at Cardeal.co.ke, we believe that car buying and selling should be straight-forward and enjoyable, not time-consuming, complicated or stressful.We’ve combined over a decade’s worth of experience in helping people find the right car—  from the right seller, at the right price— with the latest tools and technology, creating a website that makes buying and selling vehicles clearer and easier for everyone. Cardeal Kenya is a Product of Instok Technologies Ltd

Who We Are

CarDeal is a trusted, reliable and cost-effective online marketplace for the widest range of quality vehicles. We don’t sell cars directly, but offer an advertising platform for users to buy and sell their cars, vans, trucks and other vehicles. For car dealers, importers and individual sellers we provide a huge reach of serious buyers. We host a dedicated community of people who love cars, while still supporting even the first-time buyer in their purchasing decision.


We have invested extensive resources and research to make cardeal.co.ke a user-friendly platform to Buy and sell your car.Sell and Buy on the go.!,on your Smartphone,Tablet and Computer absolutely free of charge.

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  • Stress-free asset finance partners.
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  • Commitment to Customer Enthusiasm and Support.
  • Affordable Pricing for Premium Dealers
  • Trusted insurance partners



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